Incredible Holidays in Georgia

10 days / 9 nights

Visit the amazing Georgia and see the unforgettable nature of this wonderful country with us

The price includes

from 395 €

tourists 1 - 6 persons

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    • - 3 nights Tbilisi apartments

    • - 2 nights Borjomi apartments

    • - 2 nights Mestia apartments

    • - 2 nights Gonio (Batumi) hotel

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    Comfortable transport throughout the tour

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    Program GUIDE

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    3 (three) wine testing in Kakheti

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    Tbilisi Airport or Kutaisi, depends on the city of arrival

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    • - to the Numisi cellar museum

    • - to the Borjomi Park

    • - to the ropeway leading to the Narikala fortress and Hatsvali in Mestia

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    SIM-card of the Georgian operator

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Additional expences:

  • - Airline Tickets

  • - Insurance

  • - Personal expenses

Route map of the entire tour

Tour program




Reception at the airport (Tbilisi or Kutaisi) and transfer service to the place of residence, rest and leisure, evening acquaintance with a guide and dinner.



Unforgettable Kakheti

Wine testing in Kakhetia. We will taste the homemade wine in the Georgian family, see how the shot bread is baked and try it with homemade cheese. Enjoy the indescribable beauty of the famous Alazan Valley. Walk along the narrow streets of the famous city, heart of Sighnaghi. Visit the Bodbe Monastery where Saint Nino's grave, who brought Christianity to Georgia, is located, and have a walk to the cellar for wine testing - the Museum of the 16th Century "Numisi" - then visit the Granella Factory and discover how wine is produced, and have a taste of it.



Zhinval water reservoir, Ananuri, Gudauri, Stepanzminda (Kazbegi)

Trip through the Military Georgian Road. We will begin our journey by visiting the Jvari Temple where the first cross was set up in honor of the adoption of Christianity by Georgia, then the Zhinvalsky Reservoir, the beauty of which will inspire before reaching the Ananuri Fortress. We will visit Passanauri, where we will try the legendary Georgian Hinkali and see the merger of two Aragvi (white and black). Then our journey will continue through Gdaauori (a modern ski resort) towards the village of Stepakminda (Kazbegi), where we will see the famous Kazbek Mountain (5047m) and we will be able to make a jeep tour to the church of Gertegi (10th century) (optional).



Sacred Mtskheta, cave town Uplistsikhe (2-3 century BC), Borjomi

Visit to the ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheto, which is rightly called the second Jerusalem, and where the shrine of all the Christians of the world is located - the chiton of Jesus Christ. Then our path will lay in one of the most ancient cities of the Caucasus – the cave city of Uplistsikhe (2-3 centuries BC) a strong and mystical place, the history of which goes deep into paganism. Our further way lies in Borjomi - a picturesque park with sources of famous mineral and medicinal water, clean air surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes.



City in the rocks of Vardzia, the palace-fortress of Rabat "Akhaltsikhe"

Excursion to the amazing cave monastery of Vardzia, and the town of Akhaltsikhe, where we will visit the palace-fortress of Rabat. The ancient architectural ensemble of medieval architecture Vardzia, built mostly in 1156-1205 will be our first stop. The spectacle is impressive. Imagine the numerous rooms (approximately 600), located in the depths of the hinged rock! There are churches and chapels decorated here, several living cells and pantries. There are also baths, refectories, treasury rooms and libraries. Then we will spend a bit of time on the road, where you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the country and make the second stop in the town of Akhaltsikhe, where we will continue our excursion. Here you will see an unusual combination of a medieval city in the modern city with the Rabat Palace as the heart of the city. The rich history of the Rabat fortress contains many important events and dates back to 1578. During the tour, you will get acquainted with the versatile infrastructure of the palace and appreciate the contrast between the modern tourist zone and medieval monuments, in which once arose a completely different life.



Travel to Svaneti

Journey to Mestia (Svanetia) - cultural and historical center of the mountainous region of Georgia, Svanetia. The town is spread out in a picturesque valley at the foot of the Caucasus at an altitude of 1500 m. Despite its small size, there is something to look at and what to do. Medieval temples, chapels, ancient houses and, of course, the famous Swan towers of the Upper Svaneti region are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. But in recent years, tpurists visit this place not only to enjoy the spectacular landscapes, but also to ski. Several years ago, a modern ski resort was opened in the vicinity of Mestia. The city is also considered to be the center of mountain climbing and high-mountain tourism in Georgia; the routes to the summits of the mountains of Djangi-tau, Ushba, Shhara and other peaks take its start from it. We will visit the cave of Prometheus (20 km from Kutaisi) on the way.




Excursion to the Ethnographic Museum in Mestia, a visit to the Swan Hous. We will climb a cable way on Khatsavy, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains surrounding Mestia. A hike to the glacier of Chaladi, dinner at the restaurant. Swan songs and dances are programmed for the evening.



Martvil Canyon

Journey to Martville canyons - one of the natural wonders, a nature masterpiece of Samegrelo. Even many local residents do not know about the existence of this amazing place - it is reliably hidden from the eyes of strangers in the shade of centuries-old trees. In the past centuries, there were royal natural baths. Visiting the canyons will be rewarded with unforgettable impressions, and the boat trip along the canyon to the waterfalls will become a real adventure and generously delight the vibrant power of coolness and freshness on a sultry day. The canyons are located north of Martville, and this route also includes getting acquainted with this town, where the ancient monastic complex consisting of the main temple of the 7th and 10th centuries, the church of MtsyraChikvani (10th century) is located. ThenwegotoBatumi.



Sunny Batumi

Excursion to Batumi from the seafront boulevard, where we see the famous chapel fountain, the Alphabet Tower, the moving statue of Ali and Nino, the Piazza Area, the seaport, the dolphinarium, the dancing fountains and other attractions of this beautiful city. W complete our visit to the beautiful Botanical Garden.




Tbilisi or Kutaisi excursion depending on the city of departure, purchase of souvenirs and transfer to the airport.

Tour cost

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10 days / 9 nights

560 € / 1 person

group of 2 persons

450 € / 1 person

group of 4 persons

395 € / 1 person

group of 6 persons

  • Children under 6 years - free of charge
  • Preteen youngsters - 50% discount
  • Teenagers - 25% discount

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